Monday, August 9, 2010


I've been feeling a little... uninspired lately.  I don't have any of my necessary jewelry supplies left, and I'm hesitating on buying more when I feel like I should see if my current stock shifts, since my Etsy store has been so quiet lately.  So without anything to make, I've felt a bit disconnected and creatively flat.  I also feel less inspired and motivated to engage with others on the creative front and work on other aspects of my fledgling creative biz.

I have other things I can create with, of course.  I have needle-felting materials, wool and needles, paint and canvases.  Instead, I've been wasting time watching TV shows which I think makes me feel even more creatively stagnant.  So I think I might go on a TV fast this week, and make sure I'm spending my time in the evenings on creative projects. 

Today I made a start on breaking my creative drought by visiting the local farmer's market and baking a blackberry-apple pie from scratch, pastry and all:

I just had a slice and I think it turned it well!  Here's to the rest of the week being a little more inspired and productive.  What are your favorite methods for getting out of a rut?


  1. We all get those uninspired days. :) At least you're trying to get out of it. Pie looks delishous!

  2. that pie looks heavenly! and made entirely from SCRATCH!!

    sometimes we need to go through a quiet time in order to gear up for a big creative burst. as long as you fully honor what you are doing, you will shift back when you are ready - i've been honoring the need to do little more than watch movies =-)

    though i will say that participating in a Creative Color Challenge hosted by a friend has helped me get back into some creating in a low-key way; other than that, i'm feeling the need to be quiet for the summer =-)

  3. Thanks for the kind words ladies :) I'll look up that Creative Color Challenge!

  4. sometimes when i'm stuck on one creative endeavor, i just try doing a different one and that usually sparks the other... hope your pie baking did that for you, and maybe it did b/c i saw your cute jewelry you recently posted!

  5. oof! well, we have ALLLLLLL been there! i actually think there is a sort of creative ebb and flow...sometimes we're ON FIRE with ideas and enthusiasm and sometimes we need to recharge. i will often use downtime to catch up on "real life" stuff like bill-paying and housework so that when the mojo comes back i am ready to drop everything! if i really get stuck i will re-organize my supplies... (often i will "find" something i forgot about and it will give me an idea!) around and see what other ppl are making...or try to polish off some unfinished projects (of which i always have a few lurking somewhere, o'course!)

    and heck, i can't even *BAKE* so you are waaaaaaaaaay ahead of me in the realm of "creative things to do when ya don't feel creative" anyway!!!!! ♥