Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goal Update

On March 13th, I wrote a post about my first business goal -- 50 sales through my Etsy shop by September 13th.  At that time, I had 13 sales already, so needed 37 more.  I'm now halfway to my 6 month deadline, and my Etsy sales total is 26.  That means I've made 13 sales in the past 3 months, so my average sales per month have increased slightly -- it was just under 3 per month at the time I set my goal, and now it works out to just over 4 per month.  I've also sold a few things off Etsy but I'm not counting those (unless it gets to September and I get desperate ;) ).

So I'm still hopeful I'll meet my goal, hopefully the sales-per-month curve keeps growing.  I'll keep Facebooking and Tweeting and creating.  Next on my list is an off-Etsy website. 

What are your three- or six-month goals and plans for your creative biz?


  1. Congratulations on all your sales in your Etsy store!

    My goals are just to sell more and more! In six months I would like to have doubled my sales. ☺

  2. i remember that post you made...i had just discovered your blog and bought my lovely bird necklace which i still wear with adoration. YOU CAN DO THIS avril. your work is wonderful and i am so excitedly encouraging you to keep FLYING my dear.

  3. Michele -- thank you! Your angels are so lovely I'm sure you will have no problem doubling your sales :)

    Chrissy -- thank you so much for your support, you always have the kindest, warmest words of encouragement!

  4. you can do it- and i think u should set your goal higher and make it happen!!! :)