Sunday, March 7, 2010

In the beginning.

After spending about 6 months creating delicate wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry, I felt pulled to a completely different style.  As much as I love the colors and facets of tiny briolette gemstones, and the luxuriousness of 14k gold and 925 silver, it didn't feel like that type of jewelry I wanted to wear every day.  While shopping for gifts on vacation in New Zealand, I started noticing copper and brass jewelry on thick chains with unusual collections of charms that felt a little more magical.  Each charm seemed like a little story, or like it had the potential to hold special meaning for the eventual wearer.  I also love birds in art and design for the past few years have been drawn to jewelry and clothing bearing images of birds.  On my return from New Zealand, I started acquiring the materials to bring these elements together in a new line of jewelry.

Each charm or image has been chosen because it brings me a little bit of aesthetic pleasure.  When I wear a little bird pendant it makes me smile when I catch sight of it in a mirror or window.  I hope you find something that makes you feel this way too!

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