Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cassie Boorn's Twenty-Something Self Letters Project - Must Read for All Women!

Heart in the sidewalk outside my local CVS Pharmacy.

I heard Cassie Boorn being interviewed on NPR yesterday.  Cassie is 22 years old and sent a call out into the blogosphere asking women to write letters to their 20-something selves to help her in her own search for wisdom as a young woman and a mother.  The responses are incredible.  All women need to read these and think about this for themselves.  Pass it on!


  1. i love the heart in the sidewalk and i look so forward to reading these letters.

    what a wonderful idea.

    thank you for sharing


  2. ok, yes- i want to read those!
    i took a similar pic of a leaf on my running trail- is yours a leaf, or is it imprinted into the sidewalk?

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :) Kerri -- the heart seems to be an indentation in the sidewalk!