Thursday, July 1, 2010

Networking for Women

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Val Gals Networking Dinner.  This is a monthly event for women that meets in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles (hence the "Val Gals").  The dinners are held at restaurants and organized by Katy Tafoya, whom I met at Kimberly Wilson's book-signing on Friday.  Anyone (female) is welcome to attend, Valley resident or not, entrepreneur or not.

This was the first networking-type event I've attended and it was quite enjoyable, even though socializing with strangers is not always my favorite thing to do!  I handed out a stack of business cards, met website/graphic designer and a massage therapist (two professionals I've been thinking about searching for), and gave a business card for my day-job company to a psychology major looking for a job.  I brought a friend with me who is currently a stay-at-home mom, and she met a woman who owns a nanny agency.  Another woman at the table found a potential job lead for her husband.  Everyone was very sweet and open and the conversation was flowing.

If you are a female entrepreneur, I highly suggest you check out events like this in your area.  And if you're in L.A. and would like to come to the July event, let me know and I can pass on the information!

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  1. I just now found this sweet post. Thanks for talking up the Val Gal events. I really do love how women can network in such a casual way. I didn't realize that quite so many useful connections were made at your table. Imagine what would happen if we had the space to move around ;-)