Friday, July 2, 2010

How I decorated my Planner Pad

Inspired as usual by Kimberly Wilson, and prompted by my increasing pile of goal lists and to-do lists and post-it notes, I ordered myself a Planner Pad.

Planner Pads generally arrive looking like this:

Not so exciting...

But there is plenty of inspiration to pretty them up a bit, which is what I spent this evening doing, resulting in this (in the background are fabric circles cut out for hair flowers to be made this weekend):

You might recognize the images along the top and bottom -- those are the ones I use in my necklaces!

Do you use a planner?  How have you prettied it up?


  1. Super cute! I love personalizing journals and organizers, I'm more likely to use them. Here's to filling your planner with all sorts of new opportunities and adventures!

  2. what a great idea.
    yes! i use a planner. i find writing it on paper works so much better for me than on icalendar- i end up using both, but as far as to-do lists and stuff like that, i use the planner.
    mine is really plain- altho pink, my favorite color- on the outside so i'd love to pretty it up! it's a slicky vinyl material tho. i'm not sure what to put on it so i can paint on it and make it stick??
    it's a great idea, i hope i can do it too!

  3. Thanks Michele! That's the plan! :)

    Kerri - I wonder if you put gesso on the cover if it would work? Not sure what happens if you try to gesso vinyl. Otherwise you could paint on paper and then attach it to the front -- I attached the paper using a scrapbooking tape runner, and then covered that with a self-adhesive laminate sheet. Hope you find something that works?

  4. thanks for a comment on my Etsy store - they are very helpful and I will look to change things over the next week or so.....