Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flying Lessons: Round Two

A few months ago, I participated in Flying Lessons, Kelly Rae Roberts' first (and fantastic) creative biz e-course.  Flying Lessons was so packed with amazing and valuable information that it was difficult (if not impossible) to really absorb it in the moment while the e-course was running.  Almost every day, Kelly posted tons of information, and then the comments! Wow.  Over 500 comments most days.  Half of the fun was "meeting" the other course participants and checking out their blogs and websites and beautiful work.

Now I found myself voluntarily sans full-time job, with a little more time on my hands.  I've decided to start working through Flying Lessons again.  In the first week, the lessons cover goals, commitment, fears, and several days on the art and logistics of blogging.  Phew!

The "fears" lesson is particularly speaking to me right now.  If I am honest, I spend hours daydreaming about making a living creatively -- reading books and blogs and making grand plans.  And then I avoid actually creating anything like the plague.  I realize that I do that because of fear -- the fear that I will find out that I am actually not creative or talented at all, and then I will have to give up the dream.  While I don't make anything (and fail at it), I can still live in my fantasy future.  I also know that there is a learning curve to anything -- while I don't expect my first knitting or sewing attempts to be professional, saleable quality, for some reason the thought of making art or jewelry that I'm not thrilled with makes me want to give up before I even start.  Ridiculous, I know.  Does anyone else relate to that??


  1. Oh crumbs, I totally relate!!!

    I sit here at the computer feeling inspired, amazed, and all motivated and then spend most of the afternoon throwing it all away. I actually have one of those big black rubbish bags that sits next to me at the art (dining) table for easy biffing distance.

    But then something happens and I feel confident and capable again, and I might produce something worthwhile!

    Apparently this gets better!

  2. i think you have already found your own answers... =-)

    You are right that you can't expect your first attempts at a new craft to produce a saleable item but you always learn from trying out something new. I always remember a quote from an algebra teacher:

    "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!"

    It takes time to get good at your chosen craft and I should know - what other people call my "talent" in sewing is actually more than TWO DECADES of work, practice, adding to my skill sets and LOTS of mistakes!!

    And I think your jewelry skills are fabulous - you've got a great eye for design and color and it will get even better as you begin to work in other mediums that may spark new ideas you can incorporate into future designs =-)

  3. oh boy...been there done that! again and again!

    Your jewelry is great...and all artists go thru this. you just have to quiet down your critical voice and do what makes your heart sing! never give up...ever!!you're too talented!

  4. I can totally relate, too. I'm also currently without a job and have been easing into things ever so slowly. It's so hard not to get impatient. I think I need to revisit Flying Lessons again, too, now that I (supposedly) have more time to work on it.

    Good luck!

    Have you thought about doing the Art Every Day Month challenge? It's in November. I just signed up for an extra boost of motivation. Maybe that would be helpful for you, too?