Monday, October 25, 2010

Updated Blog Roll And Links

I just spent some time updating my favorite links to other blogs and crafty inspiration sites in the sidebar.  I added a new list for "Creative Biz Links" (blogs or sites full of inspiration for those in creative business), removed a few dead or less relevant links, and added some of my new favorites.

New additions:

I have the pleasure of now working part-time with Emily of Blossom Wedding Flowers.  As I wrote about in this post, Emily and I have known each other for going on 12 years.  Emily is an incredibly talented floral designer here in Auckland (as evidenced by how busy she is this wedding season!).  She has just started a blog for Blossom Wedding Flowers and I highly recommend you take a peek at her beautiful bouquets and the other wedding and floral inspiration she is posting over there.

Craft eye candy.  Craft p0rn.  Call it what you want, it's heaven.

You all know by now how much I heart Jenny Lee Wentworth by now, right?  Not only is she one of my favorite customers, I really think this girl is the sweetest thing on the planet.  Read her blog, she's adorable.

Erin is a fellow Kiwi and self-taught mixed-media artist.  I love her work and her writing.  I am going to treat myself to something from her Etsy store as soon as I get a paycheck!

More eye candy, giveaways, craft book reviews, and general yumminess...

Goodness me how I love Michele from Pipi La La.  Michele is another Kiwi artist-in-bloom and she is so lovely and authentic on her blog.  I adore her work and am the proud owner of one of her pieces.  I also have my eye on another piece in her Etsy store and I check it daily to make sure it hasn't sold yet ;)

I think that's it for the new additions to my links, I hope you take and look and enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Averil, Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for your kindness! I just love you! I'm smiling and wishing we could have a girls night out together!
    Much Love to you my friend!

  2. Averil, my head has swelled to huge proportions! You are so nice! I hope that you are settling into New Zealand life again!

    Much love to you! ♥

  3. i know of several of those bloggers- and love 'em! and a few are new to me, so i'll go visit!
    thanks! :)

  4. Sweet Averil, thank you so much for the lovely mention! It's lovely to be getting to know you!
    Erin x