Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts

So as much as I should not be spending money right now, I signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts' brand new e-course titled Flying Lessons:  Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Business Soar.  Sounds like just what I need, right?!  If you haven't come across her yet, Kelly Rae is an amazing mixed media artist and beautiful blogger.  I also relate to her because her background is in social work, not art, and she didn't begin exploring art as a career until her 30s.  After completing a half-marathon, no less.  Sound like anyone you know...?

Class starts May 30th, I'm very excited.  I did hesitate on the cost, not because I think it's not worth it, it undoubtedly will be, but just because I have a lot of expenses hovering over me right now.  I knew I'd sincerely regret it if I didn't sign up though.  There is still time to sign up if you are interested, just hop on over here.


  1. Hello from flying lessons! I love your blog and your etsy shoppe! I've got my eye on the bold red bird necklace and the rumi necklace. Looking foward to class with you. :)

  2. Nice Blog! Yes, i am also curious about what Kelly has to offer us:)And in some way I can totally relate to your blog post. My problem here was actually signing up for too many courses at the same time:) I signed up for the Fire Starter Sessions which you can read in my blog as well (it's from Danielle Laporte). And this "to my surprise" already gave me so much good info. So now i am really exited about Kelly's course which has "taken its flight" today:)

  3. Hi Averil! Love your blog. Thanks for visiting me. :)

  4. Another "flyer" here! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am thrilled about this class and am already amazed at the talented group we have!

    I love your hot air balloon and bee necklace. My blog is "LissaBee Creations" and we are taking "Flying Lessons"! How perfect. I'm off to make a little purchase. :-)