Thursday, April 8, 2010

One of my inspirations - Blossom Wedding Flowers.

The theme for We Scout Wednesdays over on Scoutie Girl is "Share a favorite" so today I'm introducing to you to someone who inspires me.  Emily Sweden is a floral designer in Auckland, New Zealand.  Emily and I first met as teenagers 11 years ago.  I was about to leave my first florist job (unable to take my evil boss anymore) and Emily was the poor soul training to take over from me.  After also being driven away by the evil boss, Emily went on to work for some of the top florists in the Auckland floristry scene, honing her exceptional eye for design and creative talent.  Emily then began focusing on wedding flowers, and started her own wedding flower business Blossom Wedding Flowers.  She has a knack for bringing a bride’s vision of her perfect wedding day arrangements to fruition.  Visit Emily’s website, become her friend on Facebook, and give her a call!  Here is just a tiny selection of her beautiful portfolio.


  1. those are so pretty! i had white orchids in my wedding bouquet..and i regret not taking a close up photo of it!

  2. Isn't Emily amazing?! White orchids sound wonderful, I'm sure your bouquet was beautiful!