Friday, April 23, 2010

Los Angeles Street Team Treasuries (East)

A "Treasury" on Etsy is a highly coveted thing.  Etsy members vie for a chance to create one of these short-lived member-curated galleries of twelve items of their choosing.  The Etsy admin often choose a whole or partial Treasury list to promote for the even more highly coveted front page of Etsy. There are a limited number of treasuries allowed at any one time (well, over 300, but the list is often full and it is a matter of timing your pounce when the list opens up), which is the source of their exclusivity.

However, Etsy recently debuted "Treasury East", which allows any member to create a treasury at any time.  These treasuries do not expire, and still have the chance of making it to the front page.  I recently joined the LASTeam (Los Angeles Street Team) on Etsy, so I decided to make two treasuries for the team, one featuring vintage sellers, and one featuring handmade items.  I don't think either of these galleries are front-page fodder (those that make it to the front page are usually highly thematic, which just wasn't possible with such diverse sellers), but they were fun to make and I hope it helps to promote my fellow team members.  Please check them out and enjoy!

LASTeam Vintage Sellers Treasury East

LASTeam Handmade Sellers Treasury East

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