Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Raspberry Almond Cake

 I have a problem, and its name is Raspberry Almond Cake.  More specifically, my problem is that I cannot stop eating it.  Because I like you, I'm going to share it with you (well, the recipe):

But wait!  Before you run off and make it, which you should, if you have any sense at all, and then send me some, because mine is almost gone -- you need to know these three things:

1)  Double the recipe, or you will have one flat little cake;
2)  Add 2-3T milk (I used almond milk, because that's what I have, and it was fine) to the batter so it's not so thick and dough-like and you can spread it;
3)  You can use frozen raspberries, just drain them twice to get as much juice out of them as possible (drain them, then add the sugar and let them sit, then drain them again before you add them to the batter).

The smell of this cake baking almost drove me crazy.

You're welcome.

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