Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Listings, and My New Favorite Craft: Needlefelting!

I've had a very nice Saturday indeed.  It started off with the excitement of being featured on Kimberly Wilson's blog, then my wonderful friend Aimee came over and I made jewelry while she knitted and we listened to an episode of This American Life.

Later, I went to The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica to take a needlefelting class.  Needlefelting involves poking at dyed, un-spun wool called "roving" with a sharp, barbed needle.  First we learned to make a little mouse:

And then we could make whatever our hearts desired.  With my bird fetish, of course I made this little friend:

It was so easy to learn, so quick, and so satisfying!  Each of these took about 45mins to make.  I bought some needlefelting supplies so expect to see more little woolly creations in the future :)

After I got home from the class (and photographed my new little friends), I listed these three necklaces on Etsy:  A wise owl, yellow birds, and a Boston Terrier.

Hope you had a great Saturday too!


  1. Oh my, I love your jewellery, and what really caught my eye was your adorable little needle-felted birdie. He's so cute! I just bought a needle felter and some roving to practice. Gaelene

  2. cute little felty wonders!
    you have almost encouraged me to go dig out my roving and needles again.
    i recognize those yellow birds! yes i do. HEY! IM WEARING THOSE YELLOW BIRDS!
    oooo, mr. owl is looking fun too.
    hope your easter was lovely dear.

  3. Gaelene -- thank you! Needle felting is so much fun! There are so many cute books on Amazon with projects and inspirations, I'm trying to decide on one. I have a few more birds sans eyes sitting on my coffee table right now from the weekend (must buy black roving today so they can see, looks creepy...)

    Chrissy -- only "almost" encouraged you? I will have to work harder and post some more ;) Lol yes the yellow birds are back, and Mr Owl has been quite popular in the Etsy view count. I very much enjoyed my easter Cadbury Creme Egg yesterday (hmm, though I have been very much enjoying them for the last 3 weeks also...) Hope you had a great weekend too!