Sunday, April 11, 2010

Super Fun Weekend Part One

I am a big fan of Joy Wilson's baking blog, and On the Lamb Food and Beverage, Joy's joint venture with Whitney Adams and Rachel Humphrey.  Today these ridiculously talented ladies held a free demonstration of strawberry deliciousness at Surfas in Culver City.

 Whitney Adams, Joy Wilson, and Rachel Humphrey. How cute are they?!!

First up was a fantastically refreshing strawberry-basil drink, that I am definitely going to make when the suffocating San Fernando Valley summer kicks in.  Next came strawberry and black pepper biscuits (scone-type things for my South Pacific readers) that were quickly inhaled along with a simple but delicious strawberry-arugula salad.  Finally, Joy's strawberry-banana cream pie (served as super cute mini-tartlets) was amazing, lactose-intolerance be damned...

How awesome is the setup at Surfas?! The TV screen and mirror are positioned so you can see exactly what's going on on the stove and counter. 

The ladies of On the Lamb have all sorts of upcoming shenanigans that I highly recommend you look into.  Just don't take my spot...

Before and after the demonstration, I was busy at my workbench making eight (!) new necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and a bracelet.  I am so motivated by the new supplies I bought, including some awesome hot-air balloon charms and Eiffel Tower charms that I hope you're going to love.  Here's a sneak peek, I'm aiming to get all the new pieces listed on Etsy tomorrow:

Hope you had a great start to the weekend also!  Tomorrow brings more crafty fun -- I'm going to learn to make hot-process soap, I've been wanting to do this for a long time.  Can't wait!

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  1. looks like you had a darn good strawberry weekend sister.
    i am loving the hot air balloon! (hmmm!) i did a few art pieces with hot air balloons earlier this year...
    also just had to tell you that you had one of THEE best definitions of contentment that anyone left me.
    definitely made me laugh out loud!
    happy tuesday dear.